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I loathe the heat. - Resin Doll Baby
I loathe the heat.
Uh...today was just a little too hot for my liking.
I went down town to meet up with a friend, wearing all black [naturally]. Probably not the best of idea's.
It had slipped my mind that the annual pagent was being held today, so the traffic was horrific, the traffic lights chose
then to stop working and the heat was unbearable.
I ended up becoming more short tempered then usual and Soren [my dark personality] decided to rise. At the main mall where I go to
be with friends or get away from home, people have an extremely annoying habit of stopping and walking directly infront of you.
After the third of fourth person did it, Soren snapped and went rather stupid at a young child. It was rather comical...the poor woman did not know 
what to make of it all. And the child; he cried. Soren was happy.
Then Erro [my happier side] showed, and it was all good.
My friend didn't end up showing, which was slightly disappointing.
We will try again next time with our own Visual Kei/J-rock party.
It will be good.
Au revoir, mes amours.

Current Mood: Tired...once again.
Current Music: Honey Vanity - Közi

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From: whitemaggot Date: November 10th, 2007 12:52 pm (UTC) (Link)

heyoo hyoooo i should probably go to bed but friends are more important

Hiii! ive decided to be a GREAT friend and post a comment on EVERY ENTRY you make.its my goal as your GREAT friend!!!! i have a similar thing where i have just had it with people walking and stopping and expecting you to move and other annoying shiz city people do. i crack, i admit it, i snap like a retard fresh of the funny farm. i cant hack that shit. i walk up to the lights and ive just pushed the button and someone standing right NEXT TO ME decides to go right ahead and ignore the very fact that ive done that and PUSH THE BUTTON! rah! totally get up my jocks. lol ..wait..i dont wear jocks..im a girl? eheh. oh and sometimes,today for example theres this lady that stands outide the trainstation handing out flyers and i was totally spazzin it so i run past her like a mad man and go weeowowow in her face and knock the papers out her hand. she was so shocked and i was just running up and down like a mad man. i scared the jesus out of her. lol poor old lady. naw im a nice girl ^^
CIAO x x
devilish_blood From: devilish_blood Date: November 10th, 2007 10:30 pm (UTC) (Link)

Re: heyoo hyoooo i should probably go to bed but friends are more important

Ah, yes.
There's nothing better then frightening little old ladies.
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