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Resin Doll Baby

Hello there, you freaks.
My name is Amy. Since I loathe that name, you can call me "Manabu".
I am a 17 year old emo/Gothic Lolita/freak. I currently live in Australia. 
Some of my main hobbies include Roleplaying, wearing different clothes, 
eating sweet things, reading, writing stories and poetry and blood and gore.
I like to "stand out from the crowd", even though I often get abused by people who
have no fashion sense or no sense at all.
I have two split personalities. None of my friends or family know this and I have only ever told one 
person. I suppose I really should name them. One, [the one that tends to show herself more commonly]
is my slightly dark, angry, and cruel side. The other, my happy, bouncy side. I like my bouncy side a lot more, 
as I have a tendency to hurt other people when my dark side shows.

Some of the things I dislike.......[goodness, there are so many]
...The things I dislike would be racism, homophobes, animal cruelty, incorrect grammer, Japanaphobeisim,
going out alone at night [I did used to enjoy it, until a little accident].
There are many other things, I am just unable to remember them.

And for any of you that think I am all Emo and depressed and shit, get a life.
I don't class myself as "emo". I don't cut, I don't listen to depressing music. I dress in dark coloured clothes,
because light clothes do not suit me. Period. My hair is naturally dark. I wear gothic/emo clothes because I crave attention
and I love standing out in a crowd. For me, this is rather easy.

I hope you have enjoyed my thoughts for now. And as you can probably tell; I am opinionated. Get used to it.

One of the few pictures you will see of me. This is an old one of me when my hair was pink. Unfortunanatly, the picture will not show. So, follow the link.


Current Mood: tired tired
Current Music: Zetsubo Billy - MAXIMUM THE HORMONE

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